Delicious is a social bookmarking web service that allows members to find, remember and share stories or articles on the website. Categories such as arts & design, comedy, education, entertainment, fashion, food, lifestyle, music, news & politics, pet & animals, sports, technology & science and travel make browsing for articles easier, more efficient and more organized.

The site allows a user to “tag” articles, web pages, books, music, etc., to make it easier for other users to find items of interest.

According to its website, the first version of Delicious was created in 2003 after a blog that was created to store links grew too big. Yahoo! purchased in 2005 and ran the site until 2011, when it was sold to Avos Systems, which launched the third version of the site.

An article written by CNN in 2005 goes on to explain that Yahoo!’s purchase of Delicious would become a weapon against Google. The report estimates that was sold from anywhere between $15 million and $20 million. The article also explains that Yahoo! bought the site to increase its already strong presence in the social media, which includes Flikr and My Web 2.0.

After Yahoo! sold Delicious to AVOS in 2011, it was relaunched as a Beta site in September 2011. This relaunch did not go over well in the eyes of the users. A ZDNet article explains that Delicious users met the changes in platform with overwhelming negativity. According to the article, Delicious users thought that the product should have never been sold in the first place because there is a “difference between how people actually use a product versus how rich, out-of-touch knuckleheads think people should be using that product, all to further their own self-interests.” (

Delicious seems to be one of the companies that paved the way for Pintrest and Diigo, sites that allow people to “tag” articles to share them. The majority of its users seem to be very opinionated and loyal to the product and have forgiven it for a few missteps along the way.

One interesting this about Delicious is the name. According to its website, the name started as “” and is a “well-known example of a domain hack, an unconventional combination of letters to form a word or phrase.” The creator of Delicious explained the name as follows:

“I’d registered the domain when .us opened the registry, and a quick test showed me the six letter suffixes that let me generate the most words. In early discussions, a friend referred to finding good links as ‘eating cherries’ and the metaphor stuck.”

When the website was redesigned, the company announced that its name would change permanently to “Delicious.”

For more information on Delicious, refer to the following links:

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