How Can A Client Recruitment Package Really Get Me?

By the end of Thursday’s class, everyone should know which company will be the focus of their client recruitment package. Research should begin shortly after that, and soon this client recruitment package will blossom into something investors will want to throw ridiculous amounts of money at. Presumably. In thinking all these delusions of grandeur, it suddenly occurs to me that I don’t have the slightest idea of what a client recruitment package is. This may become problematic later. So in an effort to dive in, here are some ideas about what to include in a client recruitment package, which may help us decide where to concentrate our research in the coming weeks.

For the purposes of this class, a client recruitment package may need to be organized more like a board recruitment package. According to the College of Continuing Education, some of the advantages of a board recruitment package are that it’s a good way “to educate candidates about your organization and the board’s role and even if they do not say yes to your request this year, they might be interested in the future.” For this reason, it’s a good way of viewing your companies not only as possible clients but as possible board investors.

In a sample package obtained from the College of Continuing Education, there are usable elements that will translate well into our individual projects. Some of these elements include a personal letter of invitation, an organizational overview, and a mission statement and objectives. The reason I bring this to the class’s attention is that while we must focus on separate companies, we must decide as a whole on some of the details of the Really Gets Me Company.

We need a brief description of the company. What is it that we do? We concentrate on structuring Big Data in a way that would benefit investors, but how do we do this? What’s the purpose? Is our company goal to make advertising more efficient, or give the client a better understanding of who their audience is, or to expand the audience or the company awareness? Deciding on a uniform statement of purpose that can be used on every packet will help the companies gain a better understanding of what we can do and how it directly relates to them.

On the same line of thinking, a brief synopsis of the possible client company in question should also be included in the recruitment package. While it is obvious the client company will already be aware of this information, it is an important step to show that we are knowledgeable to their needs.

Another purpose of a client synopsis is that it informs the client which part of their company we will be focusing on. Take Turner for example. According to the Turner website, Turner has four key divisions of programming: “Domestic Entertainment; Animation, Young Adults & Kids; News; and International.” These divisions are then further divided into channels, which are then divided into brands like Adult Swim which is the adult brand of Cartoon Network. If Adult Swim is the focus of a recruitment package, then it would be prudent for the synopsis to focus on Adult Swim as opposed to Turner.

This could mean including information like demographics specific to Adult Swim. According to the Turner website, in 2011 Adult Swim had its “most-watched year among adults 18-34 and 18-49 and men 18-34 and 18-49.” While Turner may be aware of the demographics for Adult Swim, they may not be aware that according to the 2011 Pew Internet Study “83% of young adults aged 18-29 use social networking sites.” This information could help Turner understand that since their audience is already online, Big Data could be an essential tool to finding more about their viewers.

Now, this is just a start for ideas, but if the goal of this client recruitment package is to show companies what they need and how we can use Big Data to fill this need, then research for specific companies should include what companies are already doing and how Open Graph expands on their efforts. A lot of what the client recruitment package should be will need to be discussed in class, however by garnering a basic understanding of what the Really Gets Me company is, we can streamline our collective research approach and layout exactly what needs to be included in our client recruitment package.


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