Cox Media – Valpak


Cox Media can utilize big data sources for the coupon based, Valpak. Cox Media, according to 2010 statistics, received over 3.85 billion combined page views. Of the stats, 1.17 billion web views came from the TV Station sites. Additionally, 475 million views came from mobile page views. The large frame of page views can be used as data to determine interests, activities, hobbies and spending patterns to further increase the effectiveness of the Valpak coupons made available. Outside of the postal service, Valpak offers services over the web, through a phone application, and in text messaging. Therefore, this creates a good source of data that can be utilized to really get the customer. The dependent variable, the Y,  consists of an increase of Valpak coupon usage. The independent variable consists of what specific data should be recorded. These include the interests, hobbies, activities and spending habits of the viewers. The data source is an open data source. The outcome of this data usage will provide a record of the spending habits, interests and traffic of individuals who visit the Cox Media sites to further the capabilities and effectiveness of the Valpak coupon book.

The constituents are the individuals who use the Valpak coupon book. Cox Media can show they really get them by using the data gathered from the mass amount of website traffic to generate interests, activities and other information that would lead to the best possible coupons Valpak can offer. Through this, the customer can get coupons that really get them. Valpak has contact capabilities of postal mail, phone applications, text messaging and online sites. Valpak can use the data to speak on a broad or individual level to determine the best possible coupons. Therefore, Valpak can utilize this data to show the coupon book advertisers data of the customer on the multiple levels. Bottom line, Valpak will be able to show both the advertiser and individuals receiving the coupons that they really get them!



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