ThyssenKrupp Really Gets the Community

ThyssenKrupp (TK) is a company that is based out of Germany, however the elevator division is based out of Atlanta, Ga. I’m not going to beat around the bush and say that this company will be easy to work with. The reason for this is because it is the world’s largest supplier of steel and they have a completely different public that what, say, Cox Radio’s Valpak users. The people who are interested in buying still or having an elevator put in probably won’t care a whole lot about a cool, new Facebook application.

This company being challenging is why I think it could work. I know that it would be easier to work with a company that has a product to sell. What I think could work with ThyssenKrupp is focusing more on creating awareness for the community involvement that the company focuses on. The company is committed on volunteering and giving back to the communities that they have branch offices in.

The average person probably doesn’t have a strong opinion about (TK). In fact, the average person probably doesn’t know what TK is or what it produces. One way that the company can create brand recognition is by promoting what it does in the community. TK has a longstanding policy of community activism in each of the cities that it has an office is. I have listed a few of these community initiatives below. Instead of trying to sell a product, why can’t TK use big data to sell itself to the community that it is a part of?


Community Initiatives:

ThyssenKrupp Elevator’s U.S. Offices Donate Denim to Cotton, Incorporated’s from Blue to Green® Project

Southwest Regional Senior Management Habitat for Humanity Report

ThyssenKrupp Elevator Scholarship Program

ThyssenKrupp Employees Contribute to Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation

Corporate Offices in Frisco, TX Help Provide School Supplies to Local Kids in Need

ThyssenKrupp Teams Up with Charitable Recycling to Collect Cell Phones and Donate Proceeds to Remote Area Medical® (RAM) Volunteer Corps

ThyssenKrupp Toronto Pearson Airport BBQ


What I propose is to take a community initiative that TK has a strong connection to and promote that initiative to the community in hopes to let the community know who the company is and hopefully create a positive feeling towards the company. While some might see this as “fluff,” I think this is the best approach to working with a company whose products aren’t regularly used by the normal population.

I was thinking that the Scholarship Program might be a good one to use because the target population is one that would typically use Facebook. It could also create strong ties to the scholarship recipient, a potential TK employee upon graduation.


Constituents: College-bound people in the Atlanta area.

What does the company want to get out of the interaction: TK hopes to gain recognition among a younger generation, so that when those scholarship applicants and recipients are entering the work force, they remember TK.

What does the constituency want to get out of interaction: scholarship money for education.


What do you guys think of this? Think it could work, even because it is a company that doesn’t have a product that could be sold using open-source data?


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