Google+ – All Your Social Media in One Neat, Little Package

What is Google+? If you’re like me, you probably think that it’s a Facebook rip off. If that’s what you think, you’re mostly right. Google+ is Google’s latest attempt in hopping on the social media bandwagon. Google’s goal is to make the things that we already do easier.

Have you ever posted a status about your crazy night out on Facebook, only to get a call from Grandma? Well, Google+ tries to eliminate that embarrassing mishap. It allows its members and users to group your friends together in “circles” such as family, work, college, etc. By creating these “circles,” you can share information with the appropriate group of people.

Google+ also has a system that sends the user content that it thinks you would like based on the “add interest” button. It basically is like the Facebook “like” button, except that information is used to send you content that you might find interesting.

Google+ also came up with a modern day chat room, you know, the infamous rooms that AOL created? Google+’s version of these rooms is called “huddles” and is an expansion on Facebook messaging.

The goal of Google+ is to make what you already do easier by not making you go to 10 different sites. Basically, Google+ allows you to text, Skype, Tweet, send a photo and arrange a party all in one site.

In theory it makes sense. Who wouldn’t want a one-stop shop for everything social media? The problem with this is that I think Google+ was a little late to the party. People become really “brand” or “website” loyal when it comes their social media and it takes a lot to get them to switch. A review of Google+ said “I kept running into the same problem – there was no one in the sandbox but me.” Google+ is having a little trouble populating its social media network because Facebook and Skype are already so intertwined in our lives.

As I perused reviews of Google+, I kept getting the same information. I kept reading that people that it was a neat idea, could be helpful and that Google is really on the right track, but that they just don’t think the general public is ready for it yet.

I agree with that. I think Google is on the threshold of something great, but they need the public to get on board. I’ll give my opinion on this. I think that once there are too many things for people to work with, they will start moving toward using Google+. The idea makes sense. Put all of the stuff I use daily (or hourly, whatever) in one neat little package and let me go from there. The problem is that I am not annoyed that I have to go to Twitter, Facebook and Skype to get my social networking done. When I do, I would think about moving to Google+.


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