Advertising Option Icon

Recognize this symbol? You know the turquoise lowercase ‘i’ right pointing triangle? The next time you encounter an online ad- im sure theres one around here somewhere- observe the upper right hand corner of it. This little guy is called an Advertising Option Icon. I admit, before it was pointed out to me I hadn’t noticed the little fella.

The triangle nests on the upper right corner of online “behavior” ads waiting to be clicked by the online user. C’mon us tech savvy online users know better than clicking on online ads. The endless windows of free ipads, too good to be true online auction sites will begin their ascent from Ad land cluttering your computer. But what exactly is it? Well here’s the story at least what they are telling us.

A group of the largest advertising agency trade organizations got together to try to solve some of the online privacy concerns arising on the Internet today. Just when all hope was lost for user privacy online with Google and Facebook customizing advertisements to messages sent within a matter of seconds, online users are getting help from an unusual place; advertising agency trade organizations. To avoid certain regulation, advertising agency trade organizations are starting an initiative for users to opt out of being tracked by advertisers. Where do I sign up right? Well here’s where our little turquoise buddy comes in.

By clicking on the Advertising Option Icon one can opt out of being tracked by members of those trade organizations. Members also halt sending ads to that specific user. Not only can a user opt out of being tracked by advertisers, the icon links  the user to telling users more about the kind of information advertisers collect about them. (Including that specific site and ad)

Its intent is not to completely stop online advertisements but organizations hope users will be exposed to ads and discounts they want to see. The linked website receives 100,000 visits a week and affects 5,000 ad agencies  represented by these trade organizations. The BETA version of the site is available for your perusal. The next time an online ad annoys you, do something about it. Click the triangle and opt out.


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