Class Discussion 1.26.12

Things we talked about in class last week:

Burn Rate- how fast you crank through your investment funds

  • time X money = Burn Rate

Conclusion: We were supposedly behind on our burn rate but I think we are doing pretty well now that we have our companies assigned and some ideas floating around.

Spent some time looking at:

  • -Intel Museum of Me
  • -Schweppes App
  • -Take this Lollipop

Conclusion: We think this is cool but what’s the point?

New term: non-linear fiction: multiple story lines; doesn’t follow a single story

 Personalization: We spent a lot of time talking about this and my notes don’t make sense. So if you have any questions about it I would ask William he did a good job explaining it.

Finally, we discussed potential companies and ideas.


One Comment on “Class Discussion 1.26.12”

  1. jluton says:

    Thanks for the update Jessika. That certainly brings me up to date a little bit. See you in class on Thursday.

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