2.2.12 Class Topics

1.) “Juxtaquestion”

-Moneyball- inefficiencies, new ways of thinking about data

+Good Morning Amer- trying to amp up ratings by having special programming- the networks were trying to do that to fool Neilson- WHAT THEY DID: use the term Good Morning Amer- ABC used this term, they scammed Neilson- had a time where they knew the show would not do good in the ratings- they just changed the name to save the ratings of “Good Morning America”- also front loading commercials, all these ratings are INEFFICIENT, using sampling because they can’t get everybody and it’s cheaper- the ratings are so important for advertising, it drives up the cost for advertising

+IPO- Initial public offerings- how much your stocks are going to be when the stocks go public- Graffiti artist- he was a private investor- now it’s going to be traded Wall Street- the target with this IPO is to raid 5 billion, want to acquire new business- normally if you do not have a controlling investor they will assign you a board that there to watch your company- face book there will be no board- they will now have public filing about what they are doing

Bringing all three together- for google to realize their potential of IPO they are going to have to be 35-30% of every dollar of advertising should be on face book,

2.) Talk about what we Wrote about in blogs

3.) What we are going to include in recruitment packages- table of contents

Package-new way of thinking:
What should it include:
(1) explanation- Really Gets Me= what we mean by what really gets me= a way that a company can reach out to it’s constituencies using data that people voluntarily supply via social medias- background that our companies read- good explanation and help them catch up,
(2) chapters- individual ideas and selling them onto our ideas, look at other ideas and specifically your company- EXAMPLES, in YOUR piece you do not have to specifically right and explain about Really gets me because they will have read that already-

 CHAPTERS: FIRST THING: Information about the company- show that we understand the company- Company Overview- products, history, earnings- financials, locations- only giving things that will give us more- secondary audience- giving all they would need to know completely and briefly, key initatives-

  1. CONSTITUENCIES (Customers)- talk about the constituency you can get to with the really gets me- do not want to go deeply into how really gets me,
  2. —ANALYSIS OF MEDIA AUDIT— any media that attempts to get at that constituency- looking up any numbers about website traffic-
  3. APPROACH: tie it back into the first two, (we want a BRAND NEW RELATIONSHIP)
  4. Using that data that people are already putting out, has to use open graph- you cannot have a relationship with a demographic you need a relationship with individual people

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