Chick Fil A Introduction


My name is Jen Galas and I am a master’s candidate at the University of Georgia. As part of my curriculum, I have be challenged to create an application that will allow you to comb through data that will allow you to really understand your constituents. This application will be developed using Facebook, largely because of its use of open graph that allows developers to gain access to a wealth of information about current and potential customers.

Chick Fil A already has a strong following of customers, but I would like to develop a way for it to market towards specific clientele. The idea is that this application could comb through the “family” information that someone has and see that a person has a daughter who is turning 10. Chick Fil A could then post in that person’s news feed and suggest that they hold the child’s birthday party at their local Chick Fil A. Suppose a person comments on or “likes” fitness articles, then Chick Fil A can have a post that suggests healthier menu items. There is valuable information that is there for the taking and I would love to have the opportunity to figure out a way for you to access this information.

As a client, I will devote anywhere from six to 15 hours per week on designing this application. All I ask for in return is that you be available by email five times over the next three months, that you accept an introductory phone call that would allow me to further introduce myself and finally, for you to attend Georgia’s New Media Institute’s Show Off on May 5. It is important you attend the Show Off, as that will be the day that you will be able to see the final package that I will have created. Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you.


Jen Galas


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