Company Letter- Blockbuster Express

Dear (Blockbuster Express),

I’m Kelsi Nilsson and I have a proposition for you.

I am a graduate student at the University of Georgia, and an avid facebook user, as I’m sure most of your customers and potential customers are as well. With over 850 million users worldwide and each one of those adding new information about themselves and others daily, facebook is a vast source of knowledge for companies like you.

So here’s where the proposition comes in. For one of my courses this semester, we have created a data mining company called Really Gets Me, and I chose to research Blockbuster Express to find ways to make your business not only more profitable, but to gain loyal followers by showing them that you understand them. That sounds like a very lofty goal, but through the use of facebook’s Open Graph, the place where we can connect you and facebook and gather information about users that is pertinent to you, we can really target each of your individual customers to give them a simple and satisfying experience at each of your kiosks. I can collect data about the kinds of movies that these users like through their facebook interests, posts, friend’s posts, and tags, and find a better way to connect Blockbuster Express customers with the rentals that they would like. Over the course of the next three months, I will develop an application for you that will utilize all of this personalized data so that your patrons can know how much you really get them and their individual interests.

Blockbuster Express is in the business of entertaining people, and what more could facebook users want than to find new, more convenient ways to get their entertainment? Blockbuster Express clients could be movie buffs who frequent your kiosks quite often to keep up with new releases, casual movie renters just looking to cuddle up on the couch with their sweetheart, and anywhere in between, but my aim for this project is to reach a younger age group of facebook users with individualized information that will entice them to use Blockbuster Express over your competitors by building a real relationship with them. I promise to give 110% of my effort and knowledge into this project, and will be working no less than six hours per week to ensure that Blockbuster Express can offer the most valuable information to customers: information that is relevant to them.

I would love a few minutes of your time to talk about what you would like to see from this project and what your thoughts are on what I have just proposed, and would like you to be available to answer no more than five emails from me between now and May 5th. Also, in order for you to really understand and properly implement my Really Gets Me approach, I would ask that you be available on May 5th to attend our showcase at the University of Georgia in Athens. This is a crucial piece of the puzzle in solving how big data sources such as facebook can really benefit companies like Blockbuster Express, and I can answer any practical questions you may have at this showcase. If you have any questions before then, please feel free to contact me via email or phone; I assure a prompt response. I look forward to speaking with you!


Thank you,

Kelsi Nilsson


(Class Note: Is this formal enough for our collective style? I would very much appreciate any feedback on whether or not I should change my style here!)


One Comment on “Company Letter- Blockbuster Express”

  1. williamwickey says:

    Hey Kelsi,

    Here is an idea for making recommendations via Open Graph:

    Create an app that crawls your friends’ wall posts and likes from 6 to 8 months ago (basically, how long it takes for movies to make it from the theatre to Blockbuster express). The app would then show you on a map which Blockbuster Express terminals are now carrying movies that your friends were talking about when they first came out in theaters. Also, you can use basic sentiment analysis software, like Viral Heat, to identify just the movies people were talking positively about.

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