My name is Ben Elliott and I am graduate student in the Grady College of Journalism and the University of Georgia. The concentration of my degree is in telecommunications and my primary interest is in new media technologies.

This semester, in the New Media Technology course in the New Media Institute we are researching and developing more efficient ways to utilize consumer data to provide a better service, Really Gets Me. Through this, Valpak can use data more efficiently to show the consumer that they really get them. The premise behind Really Gets Me is efficiency and determining how to use data to enhance the experience for both the constituent and Valpak.

Valpak does a tremendous job of distributing coupons across a wide array of platforms from online, cell phone, email, and phone application. Valpak also has a Facebook page, Twitter account and RSS feed. By converging the digital and email capabilities with the Facebook connect feature, Valpak can provide the same services with no complicated change for the consumer, but offer a service that really gets the consumer. Valpak offers its constituents a great service of Valpak can utilize the data gathered from the information provided by the consumer. This data can be gathered through the utilization of Facebook Connect into the distribution of coupons for Valpak. Valpak can take the data gathered through Open Graph to personalize the coupons for the constituent and provide a set of coupons that are directed to each individual consumer. This will enhance the experience by the constituents to receive coupons catered to their interests and behavior. The data gathered works for multiple parties. It generates a more efficient use of data for the constituent, Valpak and the advertiser.

Over the next 3 months I will be investing between 6 and 10 hours every week working on how to efficiently and effectively utilize Valpak’s data to better suit the constituents. All I ask in return is correspondence of no more than 5 emails over the next month and attendance of our show-off day on May 5th, 2012. During this show we will unveil a detailed account of how Valpak can efficiently reach the constituent with valuable and relevant coupons for each consumer. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at




One Comment on “Valpak”

  1. williamwickey says:

    Val Pak has a unique advantage to targeting individuals with coupons on Facebook. Rather than accepting the Facebook Open Graph permissions for 100 different brands, one Val Pak application would be more effective. This would also cut down on clutter because Val Pak would only push you the most relevant deals in a quantity of your choosing. Val Pak currently organizes deals based on your zip code and by relevant product categories. By adding likes and scanning Facebook walls for key words, they would become unstoppable. Val Pak already has name recognition (which would encourage people to accept the permissions) and needs to be developing this technology. If they do not do it, it will not be long before some one else does and ultimately puts Val Pak out of business.

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