Hey guys,

So this is not so much an educational post as it is a nervous plead for help. My client is CNN, and Dr. Shamp was nice enough to set me up with Phil Sharpe. Mr. Sharpe and I have been exchanging emails for the past week, and now I have a meeting with him at the CNN Center in Atlanta next Tuesday morning, the 28th. He wants to introduce me to the social media staff and show me what they are working on with Facebook and Open Graph. He also wants me to meet the VP of Social Media Platforms, who is stationed in New York but happens to be in town on that day.

I’m super exited but also mildly freaking out. What do I say to these people? Do I simply absorb everything that they are currently doing, or do I also pitch my idea for a social reader? If I use this meeting to pitch my idea, I can figure out if they like it or if I need to go back to the drawing board. However, the downside is if I pitch my idea, what will I be able to show them on May 4th?

I’m probably over-analyzing this (what else is new), but this meeting is really important, so any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated. Maybe we can talk about it in class on Thursday.

Thanks guys!


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