Finding Food Made Easy

Why are some food apps more successful than others? What makes them special? How can they be used successfully? By this time, I figure we’ve all checked out our fair share of applications to see how they work and why the company would use them. And, by now, we know the answer-to better understand the customer. Food apps like Foodspotting, Foodily and to some extent Yelp! have helped make our food choices easier and given us new ideas for things to try. Since I am working with a restaurant, I decided to focus on Foodspotting because I think it has the greatest potential to learn from for my company. Here is Foodspotting in a nutshell:

Foodspotting: Allows users to find and recommend not only restaurants, but also specific dishes. Are you craving a pulled pork barbeque sandwich and your visiting Birmingham, Ala.? Foodspotting allows you to see that most people recommend Dreamland. Maybe you want Mexican. Foodspotting gives suggestions on the must-try places in your area. After visiting the Foodspotting website, I found that, unlike other apps, Foodspotting encourages people to post positive things – food that people like. Foodspotting has made it pretty easy for people to spot dishes, even if they aren’t on Foodspotting. They have an iPhone app and allow you to share photos of food on Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, Facebook and Flickr. They also make it easy for restaurants. It allows restaurants owners to take photos of their own food and post it.

This works because some restaurants might be new or have a new dish that people want to try. This idea works because at some point, nearly everyone travels somewhere that they aren’t familiar with and everyone needs to eat. It takes the guesswork out of finding a good spot and also allows people to try. How can this apply to Chick Fil A? I’m thinking, since Chick Fil A is still doesn’t have a national reach (besides the Chick Fil A Bowl), the CFA app could use data about where people live or are from and suggest CFA when they go on a trip.

I’m not sure all of the ways that other apps might help me come up with a way that CFA can get to know its customers better, but this is a start!


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