What airlines are doing…and what Delta can do better

For the majority of companies out there, the endless possibilities that facebook Open Graph offers is all about the waiting game…waiting to see what social media pioneers do with the opportunities, then making sure to not wait too long to jump on the bandwagon so they are not left behind. This is also true for airlines in their quest to be part of the first movers or early adopters when it comes to utilizing the full potential of facebook data and applications. Airlines and related companies are using facebook apps to help users book flights, check in, post their itineraries to friends, and are already creating apps that allow users to see who of their friends live or will be at the same destination at the same time they will be there. My new company is Delta, which is one of (if not THE) most recognized and trusted airlines currently operating, and it is important for Delta to be that pioneer company that finds the latest and greatest ways to employ Open Graph to build more trust and better relationships with their customers. This idea needs to go deeper than what Delta and other airlines already have in place via facebook, such as being able to use the app to view SkyMiles accounts and find a ticket.

One European airline has even created a facebook app that allows users to create their own luggage tag that prominently displays the name of the airline so everyone knows how cool it is.

Delta has a lot of opportunity because there are so many different potential constituencies that Really Gets Me/I could target. Facebook users post ridiculous amounts of information about the trips they take, which is a huge advantage for an airline company that wants to find new ways to connect with customers. Yes, there are already a lot of apps out there for frequent travelers that can direct them to the best deal around or to a plane that provides in-flight wi-fi. There are even a handful of apps out there that try to show customers that the company understands them and what they want out of a flying experience. But Really Gets Me is all about giving fresh ideas to our companies that keep them ahead of the curve, and I don’t think there are any airline apps out there that can do it ALL for a customer. I just have to figure out how to bring all of that together (for Delta) between now and May 4th!



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