4 Topics

Looking at some of the other posts I think we have a lot of good ideas of how to include more information that will enhance our  report.

4 Topics that have come to my mind for us to include in the report are Opengraph, Types of Data, Data Efficiency and Future Technologies.


-Explanation of what it is and how it can be used for efficiency. An indepth look at Opengraph and why it’s important in data efficiency.

2-Types of Data

-Open and Closed

-Structured and Unstructured


3- Data Efficiency

-The importance of data efficiency. Moneyball and some of the examples we have read about in some of the articles can be     used in this section to reinforce the idea of why data efficiency is critical.

4-Future Technoogies

-What type of technological advancements or capabilities should be be expected in data or  new media technology in the         future.


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