And Still More Chapter Topics

So a lot has already been covered, and I think all of the previously mentioned topics are great candidates for articles. Here’s a few more to add into the mix:

An article about how other companies are using Opengraph technology: For those companies that err on the side of caution when it comes to Big Data, it might be beneficial to show them what other companies are doing to take Big Data to the next level.

An article about the possible online privacy bill of rights currently brewing in the White House: This article would show how Big Data retains the anonymity of participants while collecting information that benefits the companies that use it. It would also show the difference between aggregate data, which is perfectly acceptable to use, versus identifiable data, which most likely would violate the online privacy bill of rights.

I absolutely agree with Jackie’s opinion to include Moneyball as a chapter. Getting companies to understand our definition of efficiency is crucial to the client recruitment package as a whole.

Kelsi also had a great point about including the regression equation in order to figure out a company’s y. I’m not sure if it should be in our individual chapters or in the mini-articles at the beginning, but regardless, this information should definitely be included.

My personal opinion is that we need to include some of the assumed pitfalls of Big Data. If it has an reputation, we need to address it head-on in order to ease future clients’ concerns. Show them the their competitors using it. Show them the controversy, and then diffuse it with the true facts surrounding Big Data. Our opening articles should be informative but should also advocate the technology we’re trying to sell. If the clients are comfortable and they like what we tell them, why wouldn’t they go with us?


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