Another four topics…

So far, it looks like there are some good ideas out there.  Some of the following ideas may overlap with others that have already been posted, but I think we’ll find a consensus amongst the class once we’ve all posted our ideas.  So here goes:

1. The evolution of sharing (i.e. pushing the creep factor):  While I think many company representatives might be excited about the possibilities of this new technology, some of our data methods may be off-putting.  For me, some context could help alleviate any stress about this.  We’ve talked a lot in class about the creep factor and how social media is constantly pushing the envelope as to what people are willing and not so willing to share in the public domain.  That being said, a quick piece on the historical evolution of more and more sharing might help put those who have a “creep factor” problem at ease.

2. Online Consumer Protections Laws in the U.S.: I think we need to address what laws are being proposed that could affect this project going forward.  While this is a potential downside, say if Europe’s laws prevail as the norm, the recent proposal of guidelines for companies is worthy of discussion here.

3. Online Consumer Data Protections Elsewhere: You can’t talk about U.S. online privacy protections without talking about what other countries are doing in terms of data protection.  Europe, China and India may all be worthy of discussion here.

4. The Importance of Transparency, User Control: Recently, the social networking website Path had a bit of a PR crisis on its hands when users were alerted to the fact that their personal data, from their cell phone address books, were being stored by the company.  This example, and several others are out there as well, provide good context about the importance of creating products for our companies that are transparent in their efforts and offer users the ability to have control of their data.


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