Four More Topics

Looks like I am late to the party on the four additional topics. Some of the ones that I have chosen have already been discussed, but here they are:

Creep Factor – I think something on people’s creep factor and how they have changed over time would be helpful for this. Some companies (and people) seem to have some trouble with this and it might be helpful to see where it is now and where it was a long time ago. Also in this section, we could reassure our clients that all of the information that we are gaining is information that the individual has decided to share on their own. It’s not like we’re going through phone records, credit card receipts and the like.

Examples – I am a HUGE proponent of examples, especially when we are talking about things that clearly not a lot of people understand. I was thinking we should have some examples of what is currently being done with open graph. What companies have tried it, how its worked, etc. My thinking is that once people see a real-life example, they may be more willing to listen (and even excited to listen) about the ways we have come up with for them to use the information.

Definition of Permeable Data Sources, Open Graph – I’m not talking about a glossary or anything, but I think explaining what it is we will be referring to for the rest of the package would be helpful.

Moneyball Approach – I was thinking about something like this and I think Jackie summed it up the best so I will defer to her on this one. I know, for me, it was nice reading something that had to do with changing the way things are done.


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