The previous posts really get at the technological side of our company reports. I’ll try to refrain from redundancy. It is essential to convince our target companies that following our recommendations (effectively utilizing Big Data) will positively alter existing and potential constituencies behavior and interaction with company products.

First and foremost we must show our target companies that WE, the “really gets me” team, really get our respective companies. We should include a segment explaining which constituencies each company currently targets as well as potential consumers.

We should include articles that have taught us the value of eliminating inefficiencies such as the ideas presented in Moneyball as well as methods companies can utilize to inject themselves into the habits of their consumers. Such as:

We should explain and recommend proper usage of permeable data. We should ensure companies that we are not trying to pimp out their target constituencies data, but efficiently use them with all the proper permissions. Ensure that the companies know that users are opting into sharing their data.

Include what companies are already using permeable data for and how they can use it better. I know this is kinda scary we should refrain from telling companies if they suck at using free data or not, but rather suggest methods to which to improve by.



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