A New Kind Kind of Fast Food…

I’m 30 years old. I’m married and have two kids. My husband and I are both educated and have good jobs. We own a house and have two cars. We live in Boston are involved in the community  and church and like to spend time and visit places that share our interests and values. We were running errands last weekend and stopped at a fast food restaurant. We stood in line to order our food and when we got to the front of the line, the person behind the counter was so disinterested in working there. I had to repeat the order four times because she wasn’t paying attention. While we were waiting, we had to listen to gossip and cursing behind the counter. When we got our food, they forgot part of it and what they didn’t get wrong was cold. We tried to get it fixed and they blamed us for the ordering being wrong. After that debacle, I told my husband that I wished there was a fast food restaurant that had a nice ambiance and I felt comfortable in.

I kind of put that experience out of mind until a friend of mine and I took our kids to lunch on the way to the park. We went to another fast food restaurant after I told her my last experience. It was like de ja vu. On top of that, there were no healthy options for the kids or us. I rehashed my frustration at the fact that there were no other options.

I got home and logged onto Facebook and vented my frustrations to anyone that would listen. A few days later, I saw something in my newsfeed. It was a post about a new restaurant coming to the Boston area that wanted to be referred to as a quick service restaurant. It focuses on a good customer experience, had healthy options and had strong family values. I immediately called my friend and told her about this place called Chick Fil A. We set up a time a week or two later to meet there and try this new “quick service” restaurant.

We walked in and were greeted by friendly staff. I placed my order, a chicken sandwich with no pickles since I am allergic, a Coke and two kid’s meals. I paid and thanked the person and to my surprise heard a “my pleasure.” The food came out piping hot but my sandwich had pickles on it. I walked back to the counter to ask for a new sandwich, and received a heartfelt apology, a new sandwich and a coupon for a free meal on my next trip.

I couldn’t believe it! A place that was pleasant! People who cared! An environment I felt comfortable with my kids in! I walked out of Chick Fil A a little bit happier than when I walked in. I knew that I would be back and probably often.


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