No more clutter!


You should how full my email gets. Every day I get several emails from various coupon companies that only understand me by my region or the information I contribute. On almost all occasions I immediately send these coupons to the trash or they get caught up in my SPAM box. Why? Because coupons on getting my nails done, eating Chinese Food (which I don’t care for) or going on lavish vacations do NOT understand me. This approach to coupons is inefficient and is no longer relevant for either the company or the constituent.


I have a pretty straightforward routine. One of my most favorite aspects of my routine is when I take my girlfriend, Katelyn, to eat Mexican Food and then we both love heading to the movies. Also, with my disposable income I buy a lot of movies or other forms of entertainment. These are only some of the aspects of my routine. The inefficient way of receiving random coupons that don’t appeal to me does not understand or enhance my week.

What if there was a way that I could have coupons directly pushed toward me that understood what I like, where I go to eat? Well, this idea exists now! I can be understood according to the data and information I contribute for free!


I log in through Facebook Connect and through this information, Movies and Restaurants I like, Places I visit, Interests, Books, etc. etc. This efficient use of data through Opengraph and Facebook I am able now to receive only relevant coupons that understand who I am and what I want!


So what does my email and social media look like now? Well this morning I received a coupon for El Nopal, which is where I am going to lunch! Yesterday I was able to get two movie tickets for the price of one! Instead of seeing the coupons I receive through my email as clutter, instead I see it as an opportunity to help me decide what direction my day is headed. It really gets me!

This is precisely how I think Valpak can understand the constituents. Users contribute a great amount of information, likes, behaviors, places they travel and a good indicator of their routine on Facebook. Facebook Connect and Open Graph can provide an efficient way for the data users contribute on Facebook as a way for companies to understand the constituent and provide relevant coupons to enhance their routine. No more clutter in mailbox and no more inefficient use of coupons.


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