My name’s Andrea Feminella, and if I could boil myself down into one word right now, it would be busy or buried or suffering from a terrible case of graduate student osmosis, but that is considerably more words than just one.

In any case, I’m up to my ears in scholarly research, so my time is limited at best. My morning routine is down to an efficient science where I wake up, have my coffee, and like a good functioning member of society, check my Facebook. See, I don’t have time to comb the internet news anymore, and with my few precious seconds of me time, I prefer to be social. This sometimes is a problem though, because the more I look at friends’ status updates, the more I realize how out of touch I am with what everyone’s talking about.

There was an earthquake in Acapulco?

Mauritania’s a country?

Who is Trayvon Martin?

….Peyton Manning is a Bronco?

Blah. Now I wish I could keep myself in the loop with my friends, but it’s exhausting, and I have no time.

Then I heard about’s social reader.

I like, their online news is great, and come on, it’s CNN! So I download it, and it notifies me whenever my friends are talking about one of CNN’s hot topics. Since the hot topics today are as follows

the social reader notices when my friends Megan and Ashley are commenting how “messed up that Trayvon Martin situation” is. It then notifies my Facebook wall when I go to check it in the morning.

“Andrea, your friends are talking about TRAYVON MARTIN

Here’s what you need to know:

Like what you read? Send it to Ashley and Megan!”

With this notification, all I need to do is click on these links, and I know exactly why that Trayvon Martin situation is so “messed up.”

I send the latest story to Ashley and Megan, so they can read up on all the developments, and in the time it takes for me to drink my morning coffee, I’m caught up on the news my friends are posting about.



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