The Double Perspective

This is going to be the year! 8th grade! For the first time, in probably forever, I can’t wait to start the school year because this is the year we rule the school. Not only will I be an 8th grader, which is kind of a big deal, but who doesn’t love new school supplies?! New binders, new markers, new highlighters- everything new! There’s only 3 weeks left of summer and after just getting back from family summer vacation I couldn’t wait to get back on Facebook and check in with all my friends. While I was away Becky, Jen, and Elizabeth all posted on my wall that they just could not wait until we’re all back at school and reunited! We posted on each other’s wall about how we’re going to decorate our lockers, what new clothes we’re just dying to get our parents to buy, and how we have only one more year until high school!

I don’t get to spend too much time on Facebook because of our family rules about the Internet. I’m allowed to play approved games, go on certain websites, and use Facebook as long as my parents can log on and see what I have been up to and I have to be friends with my parents. I’m hoping once in high school they’ll give me more freedom! So when I signed onto Facebook a week later it was almost like Facebook knew I was going back to school! Right on my page Sharpie showed me the absolute hottest school supplies for this coming Fall season! The newest highlighters AND this season’s newest Sharpie limited addition colors! Me, Becky, Jen, and Elizabeth do everything together- and the one thing we absolutely love to do is draw on our notebooks and binders for school throughout the year with our markers but only some markers are the right ones that don’t smudge our drawings and Sharpies are our favorite! I cannot wait to tell my mom about the new Sharpies and highlighters we MUST get before school starts!

—–Perspective Change—–

Back to reality- Coming home from family vacation is always a drag, but all good things must come to an end, right? Three weeks lefts of summer, where has the time gone?! And those three weeks means back to school shopping- Oh the mayhem! Being back in the real world means catching up with work, emails…all that technology that I go on vacation to get away from. I don’t really get on Facebook that much, I’m still actually trying to understand what it really is and why apparently I absolutely need to have one (according to my daughter), besides the fact to keep an eye on her Internet activities. So far it’s been a good tool for my secret spy mom activities as well as keeping up with my friends from college and high school.

A couple of days after getting back from vacation, I was on the computer searching and making shopping lists for the dreaded back to school shopping that needed to be started sooner than later. While procrastinating on my list making I signed on Facebook and immediately saw a post from Sharpie letting me know about their new supplies and what store near me had which markers and highlighters in stock. I immediately though- Had Sharpie just been watching my endless supply searching and list making? A little creepy I suppose, but hey let’s go with this- What they were showing were their new and old favorite products for this coming school year. Once I saw those limited addition colors I knew my 8th grade daughter would go nuts over having them in her marker collection for this year- What a great back to school surprise those would make for her!

But still, I just didn’t understand…How did Sharpie know? By scrolling down on my newsfeed I saw my daughter received the same msg and had began talking about these new Sharpies back and forth with her friends. I went to her Facebook profile page and saw that she had liked some application of some sort from Sharpie. Usually I don’t like her accepting applications and games with out our consent. I know that sounds a little over protective, but hey I’m a mom. I still don’t really know what she accepted, or liked, or what this application (if that’s what it’s called in this day and age)- but we’ve been buying Sharpie products for years and if it’s a brand I trust, so then I think that’s ok for my daughter to be interacting with them. It’s just kind of amazing though (and creepy) but more so amazing that Sharpie knew what I would be looking for this time of year! And if I hadn’t gotten that update about the new limited addition colors, I would have never known to look for them when we go back to school shopping, let alone know where to actually GO near me to find the special colors!


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