Music is and continues to be a very social experience. Take for example Mr. Arty Party. This is his last year of college and he is determined to meet his future wife. He has always heard that music and food is the way to win a woman’s heart. So every weekend he hosts a mixer and invites all the girls at his university. To keep costs down he djs and bar tends and cooks so as you can imagine Pandora, Spotify, and other online music services have become his best friend.

However, every time Arty approaches a promising young lass an advertisement begins! just his luck. He goes for a drink and comes back. He looks around for a girl to react positively to the song selection. This time the genome has  played a song which caused an average looking but good enough to talk to young lady to burst in excitement. He approaches. They dance and exchange numbers, email, Facebook username, twitter, tumblr, foursquare, FaceTime, Skype, and BBM.

When thinking about a place to invite the young decent looking girl he gets stuck. He doesn’t remember any part of the conversation so he has no idea what she likes. Ring! Surprise the girl has messaged Arty first and she wants to go out in an hour. Being an hour away Arty has to leave his house now. Desperate for companionship Arty grabs his BB and heads out the door. Bummed Arty goes on his phone and logs on to Pandora to hear something that will lift his spirits. EUREKA! Pandora saved the stations from the party! Now, if only he  could quickly find local events playing similar music, he could secure two tickets on the way. At every red light he gets stuck looking at his phone and before he knows it he is at the girls house without a final destination..


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