Altimeter Group and Rotten Tomatoes

Implementing programs to efficiently use Big Data to benefit both the business and the constituent is critical in the coming age. However, if businesses are unable to deal with technological advancements than relevance to change with technology puts businesses in a difficult spot.  The Altimeter Group is a research-based advisory group that helps businesses deal with disruptive technologies. Facebook Connect, Open Graph and Big Data are all major components of the progressing landscape of how data is changing business operation. Changes in big data and how to use data efficiently can be perceived as a disruptive technology for businesses that do not have the capabilities to make sense or implement changes in technology. However, groups like The Altimeter Group, provide a service for these businesses to ensure that they are not left behind and can adapt to change. The Altimeter Group offers services in the following areas “Advisory Sessions, Thought Leadership, and Research Projects.”

The Altimeter Group highlights specific research themes that are important to consider.

These research themes highlight not only how the technology can disrupt the business, but also how to effectively deal with the technology.These themes also deal directly with Really Gets Me, because they ask the questions of how organizations can engage their constituents technological and innovative demands.

So, how does Altimeter apply to Big Data? The Altimeter Group provides a valuable service to businesses to take advantage of to ensure that they are not left in the dark as data age approaches. Big Data and efficiently utilizing contributed data for the benefit of the company and the constituent is the future and The Altimeter Group is one of the players designed to ensure that businesses can adapt and survive digital innovations that play such a critical role in technological advancements of the future.


The movie suggestions that Netflix and other video streaming sites provide is tied heavily to content you have already viewed, but does not take advantage of the recommendations from a users friends. The new Rotten Tomatoes Facebook Open Graph and Facebook Connect capabilities allows users to interact, recommend movies and this adds a new element to gathering data on the viewing habits of individuals.Rotten Tomatoes was one of the 60 applications that Facebook unveiled that could utilize Open Graph conveniently through the timeline. Movie ratings, reviews, and other personalized experiences will be taken from the users to the Facebook timeline. Rotten Tomatoes takes the information that users contribute and link the information onto Facebook.Users can receive specific movie information or other updates using the Rotten Tomatoes app. This personalization about movie viewing and recommendations enhances not only the interaction between friends, but also what Rotten Tomatoes can gather from users of the app.

Individuals can log into Facebook from the Rotten Tomatoes Site where then individuals can see your movies to watch list, reviews and other information that individuals put onto Facebook. Overall, this app utilizes data that the user must contribute on Rotten Tomatoes and links it to their Facebook to share friends. Rotten Tomatoes seeks to enhance the experience of movie recommendations, interacting with friends about movie reviewing and references.

The Rotten Tomatoes app will post movie related information for you and requires a much shorter than usual list of authorizations by requiring just you basic information and email address. Overall, Rotten Tomatoes uses Open Graph and Facebook Connect to  gather movie viewing, preference and review data from both users and their friends. This efficient use of data benefits both Rotten Tomatoes, the Facebook user and friends of the Facebook user.


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