National Commission for Computing and Civil Liberties


Google versus Facebook. As the two digital juggernauts continue their path in taking over the entire digital world, their biggest and most dangerous foe may not be each other nor another digital rival such as Yahoo!. As a matter of fact their scariest nemesis may not be an online company at all. If Facebook or Google is to reach their desired level of world domination they must first overcome the French privacy agency known as the CNIL: The Commission nationale de l’informatique et des libertés or National Commission for Computing and Civil Liberties. 

The National Commission for Computing and Civil Liberties is a French administration responsible for ensuring that information technology is to serve the citizen without affecting: human identity, the rights of man, privacy, individual or public liberties. The French agency is a semi-major administration in the European Union and often leads the charge for enforcing privacy laws against companies racking up personal data. The agency is made up of 17 members 12 of which are elected administrators appointed by the courts or assemblies they represent. The administration gets its authority from the Data Protection Act and “does not take authority from anybody.” -When doing research on their site they very clearly very plainly asked ASKED me if it was okay to attach a cookie to my computer! A change from a time when cookies were just attached to an users computer whether the user knew or not. 

As the two mega companies Facebook and Google continue to ease back the creep out line when no one is looking, revealing more and more private information, the CNIL steps in on the behalf of not only Europeans but individuals worldwide. By investigating the digital powerhouses the CNIL promulgates to the public their rights to with hold and permanently remove information from online at will. For the individuals who feel defenseless in their struggle to remain silent, the CNIL tells digital powerhouses to “pick on someone your own size.” Companies like Facebook and Google analyze this personal information, package it, then sell it to advertisers all the while users donate it for free. Is it free or is the experience the compensation? In this fight for privacy, go CNIL! GO!

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