The Layout of it All

During our meeting today we discussed some ideas on how the final project will look.

1.) Student profiles- we thought it would be a good idea to include a
“profile” page which will include a picture of each student and description of who they are, what they’re studying, etc. These pages, hopefully, will look exactly like Facebook profiles do.

2.) We are still thinking about what Topics, Players, and Examples will look like but we have thought that our personal projects will look like the new profile on Facebook’s timeline- a large cover photo at the top to represent the company (for example: sharpie- large sharpie graffiti art, chick fil a- the cows, etc), with a profile picture of company logo, some quick facts and under info- everything about our individual projects.

3.) We’re going to bring physical ideas about layout to class next week- such as different magazines. If you all have some layout suggestions please feel free to let us know!

4.) A Cover page is in the works…

5.) What we need from you: eventually we will need all of your reports and photos to use- this will be based on what editorial suggests

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