Turntable.fm in an online music service which connects you with friends and others in a real time listening experience. Basically users create an avatar to visit virtual listening rooms to listen, socialize, chat, and share (or DJ) through a Facebook portal. Turntable.fm boasts 11 million tracks and if not enough for some music enthusiasts, reserves the ability to upload songs from personal computers. Users take turns DJing (selecting songs) for the individuals in the same virtual room. Users vote on the song selections with points. Users save points in order to upgrade their avatar and to remain the “DJ” for longer time periods. 

Users must use Facebook or Twitter to log into the virtual listening rooms. Turntable will then post on individual timelines about the listening experience. Turntable is just one of the many music services that utilize Facebook’s worldwide connectivity to reach their constituency. Facebook now boasts a music sharing capability via facebook chat. Friends are able to chat with one another and if listening to Spotify or another music service have the option to share music in real time. 

Bottom line is music is a social experience and always will be. Turntable creators envision bringing the offline listening experience to online social networking. Artists are catching on. Rapper Wale now opens his show by “DJing” in a Turntable virtual room for fans who could not make it to the show. Likewise organizers of the Fun Fun Fun fest also utilize a Turntable room for its virtual fans. Perhaps more impressive individuals are planning events with music streamed virtually from Turntable.fm. So if they cannot afford or just don’t want to hire a DJ partiers employ virtual DJs from anywhere in the world. Lets just hope we all still physically, in real life, come together. It will be a sad world if people only attended virtual parties. 

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