Blockbuster Express

Nowadays, NCR manufactures self-service machine systems such as restaurant POS, airline check-in stations, and Blockbuster Express kiosks. Blockbuster Express hasn’t really taken off with the enthusiasm that RedBox has, and I think there is a real market to increase the number of DVD and Blu-Ray rentals from Blockbuster Express kiosks all over the country.

RedBox has three times as many DVD rental kiosks around the US as Blockbuster Express has (30,000:10,000), and it is important for any company to stay ahead of their competitors. Blockbuster Express offers more movie options per kiosk, however, and claims to get movies four weeks before RedBox can. In my opinion, Blockbuster Express holds the advantage, but needs to find new ways to become more appealing to customers so that they choose it over the competitor.

There are a number of ways that big data can help Blockbuster Express develop into a business that gains the loyalty of customers and retains them.

For instance: I hate scary movies. I don’t even like seeing the cover art of the boxes of some of them, but am forced to look at them when scrolling through the DVD rental options on DVD kiosks. Blockbuster Express customers already have the option to give their email addresses, so it could use the customer’s data to find out what their interests are, and avoid showing them DVD options that may frighten them. It can use these interests to find movies of all different genres to recommend, and even use similar technology to Pandora’s Music Genome Project to find “like” movies to what the users have already rented.

I would like to show Blockbuster Express customers that it really gets what they are interested in and can, sort of like Netflix, help find similar DVD rentals to what they are interested in. If more people develop a bond with Blockbuster Express because it does really get them and even remember what they like and have previously rented, Blockbuster Express will have the edge over competition and increase rentals (because it’s all about the money!).

Blockbuster Express is a permeable data source because the user is in control of what they rent, and can choose to allow the kiosk to use their information to find movies they might like. In the customer feeling that BBX truly gets them and can find movies in its’ database that they would love, Blockbuster Express can gain and retain more users, which ultimately means more profits for them (and maybe for us, too!).