is an online website that is used for buying and selling new, certified and used cars. The website currently offers the largest online selection of vehicle inventory from dealers and private sellers. Currently the website has more than 3 millions vehicles listings from 40,000 dealers and 250,000 private owners. They attract more than 14 million qualified buyers each month. is now available on the go and allows you to visit the website from any web-enabled mobile device.  Both Iphone and Android have free apps for this service.  Some features of the app include:

– Use GPS to locate vehicles or dealers near you.

– Use keyword search to find a particular cars or dealer services and amenities

– Scan the VIN barcode of a car you like to search for similar cars near you, or save it for later. provides free extensive information on all aspects of the car shopping process and you need not be a member or log-in to access the site.

  • This provides an opportunity we could work on to help really understand their users.

The site is free for buyers. Sellers, however, pay to advertise their vehicles on the website. wants to show people who are interested in buying cars that they really “get them” because they are the ones browsing the site each day. To do this we could create an “alert system” for a car that notifies a potential buyer immediately.  For example if you search for a 2001 BMW Convertible within 100 miles of where you live and it’s not available you can set-up a “alert” so you will receive an alert immediately when one is posted and available in your area. This will make the buyer feel special because they are getting first dibs on the car of their choice. To do this users must sign in and create an account, which provides a benefit for Auto Trader too.

This will create a win-win situation for both the car buyers and AutoTrader. Car buyers get immediate and personalized information on cars they are interested in while AutoTrader gets more data from user sign in, more cars sold, increase in ad revenue, and ultimately more people browsing their site.