Gulf Stream

Sites all over the world, 6 continents- and even Savannah, Ga. Gulf Stream carries various new and used G- series jets and parts. The G- series maybe you’ve heard of them, quite frankly whenever someone is talking private jets assume the G- series from Gulf Stream. They own -and sell of course- the fastest civil aircraft in the world as well as the longest traveling non-stop blah blah blah-

Whats interesting is Gulf Stream prides themselves on being first to the market with technology that meets or exceeds customer expectation. Gulf Stream is also “committed to technology that envisions the future.” So here goes our shot.


Gulf Stream has a long running tradition with all 5 branches of military & the government. The military uses Gulf Stream planes to carry out various “special missions” and the governments of the world use Gulf Stream to transport their various heads of state. Gulf stream also appeals to private pilots and many Fortune 500 corporate operators.

Innovative Tech: Gulf Stream has various interactive technological “product enhancements”


Excellent Flight Perfomance Starts From The Ground, Up
From takeoff to landing and the incredible flight in between, the best way to monitor your aircraft’s performance is when it is doing just that, performing. PlaneConnect™ is a highly advanced system that transmits reports on your aircraft to experts on the ground all while you’re still comfortably in the air. By providing an automatic update of the condition of your aircraft during flight, PlaneConnect enables speedy resolution of any maintenance issues which may arise. Not only does the aircraft report active faults, it also identifies which system and in many cases which component is at fault. Crew Advisory System (CAS) messages along with Maintenance Messages are downlinked automatically via the PlaneConnect report as soon as the aircraft starts its descent to its destination. The report is then distributed via e-mail to whoever on your team may need the information.

Remote Fault Diagnosis
The level of redundancy in the aircraft means that a fault does not have to be acted on immediately, but with PlaneConnect on board there is an accurate report of what system has reported a fault. Analysis of that fault can occur on the ground as soon as its received. Remote diagnosis of a problem and ordering of replacement components can be accomplished while the aircraft is in flight, improving not only aircraft availability but also dispatch reliability.

Aircraft Health Monitoring
Operators can elect to have their PlaneConnect reports sent to Gulfstream Technical Operations where computers review the reports automatically upon receipt and highlight issues needing attention to specialists. All this happens within minutes of the aircraft sending out its report – regardless of where in the world it may be operating. The specialists review as many as 100 PlaneConnect reports per day and can identify actionable maintenance messages very quickly. In some cases, the aircraft has performed as expected with no issues on the flight deck, yet some maintenance messages are received. In these cases, further maintenance investigation has revealed issues which were not apparent to the crew but do need to be resolved when schedule permits. If Technical Operations has been provided access to your aircraft’s position information or you have requested Flight Following, parts stock locations near the aircraft’s destination are alerted to the need for a part. Parts are only shipped with your approval.

Fleet Information
As well as resolving individual aircraft issues and monitoring aircraft health, Gulfstream utilizes the information from the PlaneConnect fleet to identify new trends with system reliability so that investigations can be ordered sooner and fleet corrective actions implemented faster. Your aircraft information is stored for a limited time and then any association with the individual aircraft is removed. The de-identified data is then used for fleet statistics comparisons. Your individual aircraft information is not made available outside Gulfstream or its supplier base.


Carrying, Using and Maintaining Your Pilot’s Manuals
Just Got Smaller – Faster – Better

PlaneBookPlaneBook™ is the newest advance in flight deck information architecture, providing numerous enhancements both in and out of the cockpit. Engineered by Gulfstream pilots and technical writers, PlaneBook provides the ultimate paperless cockpit solution.

Go paperless with intelligently-linked documents that provide simple and fast navigation across the complete suite of pilot’s manuals.

Planebook is available for both Windows and iPad. Select a platform below for more information.

Now for our class. For pilots: Create a competition among private pilots, whether commissioned to fly for a Fortune 500 company, the gov’t, or any private jet owner.

Display Flight patterns. Since pilots fly various jets, how does each handle the various lengthy or short trips? How fast did pilot get to destination? How much gas used? How many stops? How many hours logged in air?

Gulf Stream should provide incentives or awards to push for quality competition and ensure they have the best pilots & create the best jets in the world… as they claim. What better advertisement could there possibly be?

USER [pilot] ACTION [flying] OBJECT [jet]