GulfStream. A General Dynamics Company.

Greetings Gulfstream Aerospace Corp,

Congratulations on being ranked No. 1 in Product Support for the ninth straight year! I am Justin Williams currently a Graduate student attending The Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication within the University of Georgia.

I am privileged to be enrolled in a Graduate Seminar entitled New Media 6200: Big Data- Really Gets Me. Within the Seminar our professor Dr. Scott Shamp doubles as our CEO and leader in discovering strategies to mine free “Big Data”. The “Big Data” my team and many other data miners are attempting to comprehend and utilize are permeable data. Permeable data are the free personalized information users offer online services in return for a more personal user experience.

My team is charged with presenting the advantages of utilizing  Facebook’s Open Graph Protocol which “enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph. For instance, this is used on Facebook to allow any web page to have the same functionality as any other object on Facebook.”

Essentially the Open Graph Protocol uses  social graph to connect various users based on their actions and other freely contributed online information. Our team is interested in connecting you to individuals rather than demographics.This is what we mean by Big Data Really Gets Me.

What better way to show The Cessna Citation X and Bombardier Global Express 7000 & 8000 that the Gulfstream G650 is the true gold standard in business aviation than by connecting pilots and their experiences around the world? Here’s where the use of Facebook’s Open Graph Protocol comes in. Imagine using the data logged into every jet during and after every trip- data ranging from  the top speed the aircraft traveled, the peak of its ascent, the amount of fuel consumed, all the way down to the smoothness of the flight- by allowing pilots to input this data into an app utilizing Facebook’s Open Graph to compare and compete with their peers globally. Allow pilots the opportunity to share their amazing trips. Allow them to show off your jets, flying various nations head of state around the world in record time. Allow the pilots to show off the fact that they flew from Korea to Florida using minimal fuel as well as who has logged the most hours of flight time.

Many companies are trying to mine this data in order to package information for the sake of selling to advertisers. Gulfstream can use this data to continue to improve upon flying experience making your jets more appealing to pilots worldwide.

Gulfstream is the leader in innovation and understands what pilots and service technicians need to have the most efficient business aircraft in the world. Gulfstream exemplifies such innovation by implementing such ideas as PlaneConnect and PlaneBook. Both successful attempts to create a simple seamless interaction between pilots, the aircrafts, and technicians -ready to be deployed anywhere in the world at a moments notice.

In order for my team to utilize Facebook’s Open Graph to Gulfstream’s greatest advantage we will need to contact a representative from your company. We will need for your representative to commit to:  an introductory phone call, just five e-mails over the next several months, and to attend our New Media show off day on the 5th day of May year 2012. Basically we are asking for a commitment from you to help us better help you. For the New Media show off, my team will present to you a blueprint of how you can begin to utilize the free Big Data already in cyberspace.

In return I personally will commit at least six hours per week over the next several months to create the blueprint for Gulfstream & Big Data.

We look forward to a great partnership,