Dun Dun Dun Duuuun… Music Apps!

Music. Nostalgia. There’s a playlist for everything: Playlist for pregamming; playlist for the actual party; playlist for the important moments after the party. But what’s the playlist for sitting in front of the computer and watching the time marker move across your screen? Doing some preliminary research I have found that, get this, most people who listen to any form of music on their computer whether it be songs owned on the harddrive itself, a CD, or an online music service often select a playlist and leave the computer! Surprising right? Those individuals who do remain on their computers often navigate away from the page. So I set out to find out what music apps are doing to keep users on the page. Well……. not saying all I found were gimmicks that probably wont keep the users attention on the screen long enough for advertisers sake…

…. Buuut, on a positive note, I have found that music apps are doing some pretty cool things: Check this out: its an APP ALBUM! This is so exciting that I’m gonna copy a small chuck of the story thanks to Wired U.K.:

Washington-based brothers Ryan and Hays Holladay, better known as Bluebrain, have announced their latest app-album, The Violet Crown, just in time for the South by Southwest festival.

Like Bluebrain’s previous apps, The National Mall and Listen to the Light, you can only listen to The Violet Crownwithin a strictly defined geographical area — a square encircled by Congress Avenue, Frontage Road, East 7th Street and Cesar Chavez Street in Austin, Texas, approximately matching the boundaries of the area covered by the festival.

If you open up the app within that area, you’ll be able to explore the album by walking around. It’s a novel way of approaching the listening experience — instead of listening to the record chronologically, you listen to it geographically, stumbling into pockets of sound dotted around the streets which blend between each other smoothly. “Think of it as a choose-your-own-adventure of an album,” the pair say on the iTunes preview page for the app.

Imagine that! Music is such a social experience- this takes online social networking to real life social networking!

There is also an iphone app that reads your tweets while playing a song from your itunes at a lower level in the background. Cool.. ehh.. maybe once or twice but what if Pandora (for all us free subscribers out there) played their ads with songs like the ones currently playing in your playlist. As a seemless transition into the ads. People wont be interrupted as much!

Ooo. Ever wanted to be in your own music video? Ever imagined yourself walking down those hanging stairs in smooth criminal. Well now you can! Well… Video star an app for iphone allows users to shoot a video with cool music video like effects to songs already stored on the harddrive. So now you can get to shooting.

You might have heard of QR codes which embed information in a barcode-like square that you have to take a picture of to take advantage of the information. have you heard of audio tags? Audio tags are high pitched sounds embedded in music that trigger your iphone to do several things such as visit website and gather other information. Sonicnotify is the innovative app behind this, check it out:

A startup called SonicNotify embeds inaudibly high-pitched audio signals within music or any other audio track. When a compatible app hears that signal, it triggers any available smartphone function to link you to websites, display text, bring up map locations, display a photo, let you vote on which song a performer plays next and so on.

SonicNotify was developed with help from Cantora Records + Labs, which made its name by funding (for $400, initially) and releasing the band MGMT‘s massively popular records. As part of its newly minted technology division, Cantora, which is also a record label and publishing company, is offering $25,000 to $100,000 to promising startups, among the first of which is SonicNotify.

Lady Gaga could have used its technology on her Monster Ball tour1, and Coachella 2013 and other events are next in line. To interact via SonicNotify, fans can use any SonicNotify-enabled app. If you want to see it in action now, you can do so with the official Sonic Experiences app.

In searching I did find some really innovative and imaginative music apps. But I still cannot find a solution to my original issue. How can the apps keep us on the page? With audio advertisements available, should they even try?