Coupon Applications

I must admit that I have been exposed to the wonderful and financially rewarding world of coupons! Just recently I saved $2 on miniature golf and I was also able to save money on my girlfriends flowers for Valentines Day! It has now become second nature to search for coupons for the restaurants and places that I visit. More than anything else, this makes me sure that implementing a way for Valpak to use the data to enhance the experience of the constituent and Really Get the consumer.In all honesty, this type of experience would be good for myself and I can only imagine it would make others coupon experiences more efficient.

Understanding how other coupon applications (apps) operate is important in understanding what sort of capabilities are necessary for the consumer to utilize the benefits. I looked at two other innovative and popular coupon applications alongside Valpak. Group and Living Social are two examples of the app competitors of Valpak. Both Living Social and Groupon have introduced capabilities of Facebook Connect for their constituents. It’s important to figure out how they’re using it and how Valpak can utilize these efforts more efficiently. Already, these other two website require individuals purchase the coupon, however Valpak offers coupons that can be redeemed free. Therefore, Valpak can not only compete, but provide a separate, more efficient service.

Living Social is a trendy, aesthetically pleasing app that includes crisp pictures and a well organized lay out. Consumers must purchase the coupons and the app works in basic fashion like the many, many other coupon apps.

Groupon is the standard for coupon apps. It allows you to track by location, send them to your email, share with friend, etc. However, the one interesting capability of Groupon is that consumers can customize “deal types” to personalize the coupons that they receive. In some efforts they can group this type of capability with the Facebook Connect, but it is still unsure to what level they use Facebook Connect.

Interesting enough, Groupon does utilize Facebook Connect capabilities to use likes and interests to send more coupons for the consumer. However, I think that Really Gets Me can go a step beyond this idea, because Valpak can offer coupons that do not require individuals to purchase. The fact that Groupon is utilizing this capability already furthers the idea that Valpak needs to pursue this type of technology. It will be important to clarify how using Facebook Connect and the Open Graph technology for Valpak will be more efficient for the consumer.

This seems like a good way for the individuals to receive coupons, but I think that Really Gets Me goes further than YOU setting YOUR preferences and instead uses your data efficiently to customize the coupons and experience.

This leads me to Valpak. Like the other two coupon applications and many others, it allows you to search by business and business. However, Valpak offers two types of coupons. The type you can redeem without purchasing and the other type that you must purchase first. Also, you can simply show your phone screen to the cashier for savings without having to  print.

These apps are very similar in what they offer. Sure, the aesthetics and outlook of the app is different, but what the constituent gets from the company is very similar. All of these coupon apps provide similar capabilities and have begun using Facebook Connect as a method, but Valpak can uniquely offer a different approach to how Open Graph can be utilized to enhance the experience of the constituents. One thing is for sure, what Really Gets Me can offer to Valpak will help in their approach to utilizing data to enhance the experience of the consumer. This will allow the application process to be operate more efficiently.