The Weather Channel

“Fair weather weddings make fair weather lives.” – Richard Hovey

My name is William Wickey. I majored in advertising at The University of Georgia, graduating in 2009. I am currently in the second semester of a two-year mass-media studies masters program, working as a graduate assistant for Dr. Shamp, the director of the NMI. Academically, I am focusing on online and social media advertising. In between undergrad and my masters program I lived in Jackson Hole, WY. I worked at JH Weekly Newspaper, Jackson Hole Community Radio, a social media start-up called Surf the Tetons, and for the marketing team at Grand Teton Music Festival. I also started a small LLC that purchases wine for restaurants [].

This semester I am digging into Big Data.

The purpose of NMIX 6200 is to explore ways that organizations can leverage permeable data sources to improve their services. The newest vein in the data gold rush is Facebook’s Open Graph. For a reasonably social-media-savvy company such as The Weather Channel, the next step is developing a Facebook application.

There are two reasons why The Weather Channel needs to develop an Open Graph application. First, a Facebook app adds to the diverse catalogue of media properties already available to Weather users for accessing their forecast. Right now, Facebook users must go to The Weather Channel’s page and search for weather information. An application improves this process by making the user’s homepage a weather dashboard. Moreover, adding Facebook Connect – which is transitioning into Open Graph – to will crate an easy way for people to log in and stay logged in. Second, and more importantly, an Open Graph application adds value for The Weather Channel’s advertisers.

Picture Jim: a 44-year-old working professional from Austin, Texas. He and his wife took their daughter Amy, now 10-years-old, and their son Hunter, now 7-years-old, to Disney World in Orlando, FL a few years back. Hunter was a little too young to really remember the trip and Jim never got to play Disney’s Osprey Ridge golf course, but the family had a great time. Jim has been thinking about making fresh vacation plans for a while now, but he just hasn’t been inspired to pull the trigger.

Taking a break from his spreadsheet, Jim clicks over to Facebook and his eyes catch an item in his newsfeed: the forecast for Walt Disney World Resort that reads 88 degrees and sunny, with 5 smiling sun icons running through the end of the week. Accompanying the forecast is an offer. “Returning visitors save 20% on a 4-night stay. Plus, one free greens fee at any Disney golf course.

The ad knows Jim. I knows he is ready for a vacation. It is enticing without being intrusive and is presented in his newsfeed as information, rather than off to the side as a banner advertisement. And even better, it is automatically generated based on information Jim is already providing Facebook through his wall posts, check-ins, likes, geo-location and more. There is even the ability to market a similar vacation package to Jim’s friends who shares similar characteristics. The ability to personalize these offers are endless. Weather plays a key role in marketing for vacation destinations but an Open Graph application offers similar advantages to a variety of advertisers.

The Weather Channel is the most trusted name in weather. Moreover, mobile TWC apps have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times on a variety of devices. Encouraging users to connect with Facebook should be a relatively easy proposition. This is not necessarily the case for other companies.

I am not a programmer or a mathematician capable of coding this application or it algorithms. I am, however, able and willing to create a blueprint for building such an application. I will spend a minimum of six hours a week for the next two months doing so.

To accomplish this goal, I will need speak with an individual at The Weather Channel who can make decisions about digital marketing over the phone. Over the coming weeks I need to correspond with that individual through email no more that 5 times. I will present my finished blueprint at our NMI Spring Show-Off on 5/5/12.

I look forward to this opportunity and would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Thank you. Have a great day.